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Raul at work_

As far back as he can remember, Raul G. always wanted to be an artist.


Born in 1977, he studied Fine Arts at the University of Sevilla. In 2005, he left Spain in search of 'The London Experience'. Today, he's still living it.


In that same year he started capturing London life in an ongoing series of live drawings titled The Londoners. Most of the drawings consist of portraits of the people he encounters in his explorations of the city. The images reflect a particular interest in the night life and those living in the margins of mainstream society, in a style reminiscent of photo-reportage. (See some samples in 'Galleries'.) 


Raul's portrait Brit Pop was shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award in 2011 and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. His portrait work has also been displayed at the Mall Galleries, as part of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters' Annual Exhibition (2017). 

Raul accepts commissions on portrait work, illustration, mural painting and street art. For queries, use the Contact page.  

About Raul G.


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