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Raul has received commissions from a variety of different clients, including music venues, clothing labels and art collectors. Some of his latest works for clients are shown below. 


The Good Mixer


Some examples of Raul'illustration work can be seen in this popular Camden pub: a mural outside the bar depicting the punters; four live drawings of the venue and its locals; an illustration portraying fruit traders in Inverness Market; and two illustrations featuring famed regulars including the Gallagher brothers, Jarvis Cocker, Morrissey, Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. After Winehouse´s death, Raul was commissioned to create a posthumous portrait of the singer, which is also on display. 


Some of these illustrations were captured in No Distance Left To Run, a documentary film about the band Blur

Unusuality Productions


​​In 2011, production company Unusuality  invited Raul to the set of their latest project, a short film titled The Code


He was commisioned to make a series of live sketches of the filming for a final illustration that represented the company´s work in process.


Ganji Fashion Store


In 2008-2009, Raul was commissioned by London retail fashion store Ganji, to create a series of designs for Rock Addict and Punk Republic’s new fashion lines. The garments were distributed in stores located around the country and internationally.


Gabi and Veshalin provided their charisma for the photo-shoot. Thanks guys!


Green Note


Raul’s artwork is used by London’s folk music venue Green Note to advertise in British music magazines. The picture shows a band of musicians busking before a spontaneous crowd in the street outside the venue. Prints of the illustration are also used as visiting cards for punters.

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