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Xmas message from Malaga

Here´s Raul´s Christmas message - or, rather, Xmas - to the people from Malaga and beyond: As anyone can see, at the moment our streets are paved with shit. There is a strike of the rubbish collectors. They have gone on strike due to the small issue of the government wanting to half their salaries. This policy is not rare among us Spaniards these days. The streets covered in dirt. It´s happened in Madrid too. A columnist wrote the same thing that I thought when I first saw the images: what an accurate metaphore for what Spain has finally become. We are not alone, of course. Our country is rapidly being turned into a fascist state. Politicians run amock. They do want they want, and what they want is, unvariably, good for themselves and bad for the great majority of Spaniards, many of which will not put on the heating this Christmas. Many others don´t have electricity. I haven´t seen many young people around; they´re all in London and Berlin. They have chosen somewhere else to starve while they find some job in Pret a Manger. Meanwhile, corruption cases keep popping up. Our king, and some ex-bankers, globe-trot from safari to safari, and have themselves photographed posing with big game. It is, indeed, a big, obscene game, and they are winning. The writing next to my subject reads "Por los medios que haga farta": by any means necessary. ("Farta" is incorrect Spanish for "falta", though it´s very correct malagueño). Passers by didn´t necessarily know who my subject was supposed to be (I did the thing just this morning, armed with some Poundland-type sprays and no more permission than a joyous feeling I woke up with... Must be the Christmas eve). But people did relate to the phrase, "por los medios que haga farta", immediately. They got it straight away. "Yes", said some, "this democracy alone is no longer enough... other means are indeed necessary..." Others voiced a view much shared among the general population: "some people around here need to be hanged by the ..." And with this graphic thought I wish you a merry Christmas,


Raul G.

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