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New Year´s message from Malaga

Here´s Raul´s New Year´s message to the people from Malaga and beyond:

Hi again. As anyone can see, in this occasion I have been a bit more industrious than on my Xmas Eve graffiti, adding some colour and covering more space. As then, no authorities have come to disrupt my modest proceedings, so I take it as a sign of good things to come for all, in this new year. So now we have "mírate al espejo y cambia": take a look at yourself (in the mirror) and make a change. Familiar? Let us do that. This year we will practise the old punk motto: DIY. Indeed things will be bad, but no politician is going to come and "remove the chestnuts from the fire for us", as we say around here. We ourselves must contrive our own set-ups to get some of those chestnuts removed (big or small) and, yes, let´s take a long look at that funny little face in the mirror, if we have to. This is, of course, the hardest bit. I wish you a GREAT 2014,

Raul G.

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